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Film & Video Productions







DAA has been in the film and video business for over fifteen years specializing in all areas of production from motivational corporate launches to worldwide destination promotions. Clients include Hyatt International, Prudential Assurance, EMI and BAA Plc

Our mission is to produce videos with the right creative impact to promote your business and help it grow in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. We also provide advice to help businesses understand more fully the effective medium of visual communication.

We handle the entire project from concept, scripting, shooting and editing through to presenting the final master on your preferred format - whether tape, CD, DVD or Streaming.

We are presently expanding our interests in Venue Streaming and Feature Film production

If you are interested in discussing a project or need more information please e-mail us at: daa@btinternet.com

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to being of service to you.

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